Let's meet Rebuffo & Bar

Our head coach and team manager answer a few questions

ESL Italia Championship 2018 has just started! (EN)

The ESL Italia Championship 2018 has just begun and we had the pleasure of a quick chat with the head manager RobertoRebuffo” and the team manager MariusBarBarariu.

That’s what they have told us!

We have asked Rebuffo these questions:

  1.  What’s the philosophy behind your coaching?
    – My philosophy is to create habits. Sport habits and in game habits in order to create a team that is made by five players that think with as one brain.
  2. What do you think about the roster, and in particular of the youngsters? Do you think they have still much room to improve?
    – The roster is a good group of players with a good attitude and with hunger for victory. The young players have a good chances to get to accomplish all of their dreams if they believe in themselves and work hard.
  3. What do you think should be the objectives for EIC and PG Nationals Summer?
    – My idea it’s always to aim for the highest position. But I think game by game so the most important thing is to work and trying to win week by week.

And that’s what Bar told us:

  1. What’s the philosophy behind your management?
    – I always liked to have a healthy structure and and a healthy enviroment in every team I’ve been so far. So I tried to create the best conditions for players and coaches as well as make sure the organization has got all the human resources needed to carry out its activity. Obviously sometimes it’s complicated and things don’t always go our way but I never like to give up and keep on trying.
  2. What do you think about the roster, and particularly of the youngsters? Do you think they have still much room to improve?
    – I think we’re still trying to find the right formula and we’ve been through some changes so far. I think that it will take a bit more time to find the right synergy for our roster so we just have to keep on working. I hope that sooner or later we’ll manage to get what we want. Who knows, maybe we already did. Only time will tell us. As for the youngsters in our roster, I think we have promising young players. Phantomles is one of the best midlaners in Italy, if not the best (yea I’m being biased), Infinity showed in Lega Prima finals that he can hold his own against Beansu and Saddy would be a top 2 – 3 adc if he’d stop inting (haha, just kidding, love you Saddy).
  3. What do you think should be the goals for EIC and PG Nats Summer?
    – Well, considering we’ve been 4th place in most of the splits of italian competitions since we came back, I think would be great if we could stop this Team Liquid type of curse and manage to get more. But realistically speaking, for the next EIC and PGN splits I think top 4 would be a reasonable goal for us.
  4. What are your thoughts on the Italian LoL scene so far?
    – Well, first I have to say that I’m working within the italian scene for about eight months now, so obviously my knowledge is still kind of limited. So please forgive me if I won’t be totally accurate. So to start with the beginning, before joining the italian scene I only knew about Team Forge who played in Challenger Series. Since then I would say I learned a bit more about the teams playing in the main leagues in Italy and a bit about Italian LoL scene history. I think that the italian scene as a whole is somewhat in the middle of the pack when it comes to the entire European LoL scene. So not the best league, but not the worse either. I think that the italian scene has a lot of room to grow with the condition that people would get more involved (here I’m talking about sponsors, investors and even players). In my opinion, one of the biggest issues I’ve seen in Italy is the reduced player base (here I’m talking mostly about the number of high level players). It’s hard to have a competitive league when you only have a few high level players and those are usually spread in 2-3 teams. That creates a gap between those teams and the rest of the pack and it hurts the competition. And not only the competition but even those 2-3 top teams. Because they don’t get much competition and good practice here and when they go to the European tournaments they have difficulties. Kind of like what’s happening with EU and NA teams at Worlds. So that’s why I’m hoping that in the future more people will get involved in the Italian scene, especially organizations and players. Also everyone should focus to create a system where to grow young talents. This will take time but I hope that sooner or later it will happen.


We extend out thanks and best wishes to Rebuffo & Bar and the League of Legends team, hoping to hear some good news soon, and in order not to miss any update, keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Stay tuned!

Interview – Alvise “Zen” Zennaro
checked by Arcangelo Manfredonia

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